I'm friends with the monsters

Well not really.. but I am friends with the good people from AMG Club ACT and their cars are definitely monsters in disguise! 

Over the past two months I've been working with Dan and a few of the other members of the Club to shoot iconic AMG models for their website that will be coming soon. 

We were aiming to capture these beautiful machines in locations synonymous with Canberra. I think this shot of this gorgeous SL65 in front of Parliament House ticks both boxes, don't you agree? 

Or this shot of an E63 Estate and a C63 in with Black Mountain Tower off in the distance. 

AMGs have always held a soft spot in my heart (although I'd still take an M3 - sorry Dan!) and having the opportunity to get up close to several examples of Benz's finest and most powerful vehicles has been incredible. In our final shoot we had four cars a total of 40 cylinders, 8 turbochargers producing a collective 2,200bhp and 3,400nm of torque (or torques if you're Jeremy Clarkson). 

As incredible as these figures are, the better part for me is that these cars all see the light of day with most being driven daily! 

AMG Club ACT is full of enthusiasts who are genuinely passionate about the marque and their vehicles. Like all enthusiasts they were only too happy to talk about their cars, pointing out little details and sharing stories along the way. The Club organises regular drive days that present an opportunity for people to get out, blow out the cobwebs and share their love of anything AMG. Its a sight to behold when 14 AMGs come cruising past of on the highway!

We're done shooting for the website but I'm looking seeing these vehicles on display soon at the German Auto Day! 

I'll leave you with a few images and in the meantime go checkout the Club on Instagram and keep an eye on their webpage for the launch.