Adam's Lotus Exige S - Car Feature

It’s been a little while since my last blog post (sorry!) but there’s no better way to get back into it then a car feature of Adam’s spectacular Lotus Exige S.

Despite the threat of rain and hail as well as the freezing cold day, Adam agreed to bring the freshly detailed Lotus out for me to shoot. I sure am glad he did!

As far as weekend weapons go, you’d be hard pressed to beat the Lotus. With a supercharged 6 on board and weighing almost nothing (approx 900kgs) this car is a certifiable rocket ship.

Aaron from Specialised Detail worked his magic on the Lotus before the shoot and he did a stellar job. The Lotus looked incredible bathed in golden hour light!

This shoot is certainly one of my favourites from the year so far and it was such a great experience to shoot this car.

If you’re interested in a feature of your car please get in touch!