What goes up must come down... quickly.

Last weekend I attended the Southern District Motorsports Association’s (SDMA) September hill climb meet.

VTEC kicked in.. Yo.

Hill climbing as the name suggests is an event where competitors race up a single stage or short circuit against the clock to get the fastest time in their class and of the day. One of the most famous hill climb events is Pikes Peak. If you’ve not heard of it, stop and watch this video of Ken Block drifting up the mountain - I’ll wait.

Getting back to home, the SDMA has been racing at Fairbairn motor complex since 2000 and every month they draw an incredible variety of cars. From open wheelers through to daily drives, there is really a level of racing for all skill levels and budgets.

SDMA Hill Climb Course

If you’ve never been to a hill climb event or local motorsport for that matter, you’d probably be surprised how accessible it is for both for competitors, spectators and most importantly your favourite neighbourhood Motorsport Photographer (sorry, I’ve just bought the new Spider Man game and couldn’t help the reference). Anyway back on track… Being able to get so up close and personal with the action makes this event a photographers playground. Most of the shots taken on the day were from spectator accessible areas.

Capturing action is something that I’ve been trying to work on and the event provided a perfect place to practice. Who’d be interested in an article about capturing motion?

Panning practice, this was shot at 1/50 of a second to get that nice motion blur.

Competitors have the option of doing a burnout at the starting line to warm up their tyres. Dave took advantage of the 400+kw he had on board to give this set a proper viking funeral.

Ever wondered how clouds are made?

Proving that displacement isn’t everything, this Civic also laid down an impressive skid.

Not a Maccas tray in sight.

To close out this blog, I wanted to firstly say a huge thank you to the people of the SDMA, both competitors and officials. Everyone I met on the day was extremely friendly, accommodating
and happy to share their knowledge or journey with hill climb. Secondly, if you haven’t been to an event, do yourself a favour and get out to one (the next one is the 10th of October). The action is a great, you can get up close and who knows, you might even decide you try it out yourself.

I’ll leave you with a few more shots of the action and here’s to seeing you out at an event soon.